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Some paid $500,000, $1,000,000 to be among the firsts in the list of political parties running for parliament seats, MP reveals


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AKIPRESS.COM - No one will voluntarily submit a Form 2 application for temporary change of polling station, it's a corruption scheme, said MP Marlen Mamataliev at the meeting of activists on the electoral process on October 17.
He said in the October 4 parliamentary elections, all political parties were interested in having young people among them. "Unfortunately, young people were in different parties. I was among them too. I received offers from different parties, but not all of them were going to pass the threshold, which is why the priority was given to parties that had a chance to pass. The money played a big role, too, because some paid $500,000, $1,000,000 to be among the firsts in the list," Mamataliev said.
Commenting on the threshold, Mamataliev spoke for reducing it from 7% to 3%.
"1% threshold creates a risk that some forces can easily enter the parliament. 1% of votes is 20 thousand votes, which means one neighborhood can create its own party and participate in elections," Mamataliev said.
He also suggested paying salaries to electioneerers. "We have recruited an unlimited number of electioneerers and we paid them salaries legitimizing bribes. In Bishkek, we had 12,000 electioneerers, and they all received salaries of 20-25 thousand soms each," Mamataliev said.
Marlen Mamataliyev was #7 in the Mekenim Kyrgyzstan party's list for running in the Oct 4 parliamentary elections.

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