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Mongolia to reopen air borders from May 1


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AKIPRESS.COM - Mongolian government decided to scale up the country's coronavirus emergency regime level of current Orange Level up to Red Level or the all-out-readiness regime preparedness on April 10-25. When introducing the decision, Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene said, Mongolia will be opening its air border from May 1. However, it is currently being planned to allow entry for fully-vaccinated citizens only.
Aside from having a positive economic impact, this will allow the new international airport in Khushig Valley to be opened within two months after the reopening of air borders.
Having the target group fully vaccinated by July 1 will be a positive message to the world, motivating tourists to visit the country. Thus, we are currently working towards the goal to open the airport before the National Naadam Festival."

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