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Demography of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Demographics

Kyrgyzstan has a population estimated at 5.2 million people in 2007. Of these, 34.4% are under 15 years old, and 6.2% are older than 65 years old. The country is rural: only about one-third of the Kyrgyz population lives in urban areas. The average population density - 29 people per square kilometer.

Most national ethnic groups in Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyz, Turkic people, who comprise 69% of the population (as of 2007).. Other ethnic groups are Russian (9.0%) are concentrated in the north and Uzbeks (14.5%) living in the south. Small but significant minorities include Tatars (1.9%), Uyghur (1.1%), Tajikistan (1.1%), Kazakhs (0.7%), and Ukrainians (0.5%) and other smaller ethnic minorities (1.7%).

Kyrgyzstan has undergone a distinct change in its ethnic composition since independence. Percentage of ethnic Kyrgyz increased from around 50% in 1979 to almost 70% in 2007, while the percentage of European ethnic groups (Russian, Ukrainians and Germans) as well as Tatars dropped from 35% to about 10%.


Basic data on the Bishkek in 2005

1. Square Bishkek - 18,696 hectares

2. The population of Bishkek - over 800 thousand people

3. The length of urban roads and streets - 1030 km

Among them:

- Road with asphalt surface - 587 km

- Highways guest - 66.167 km

- Roads district level - 215.9 km

- Local roads with asphalt coating - 194 km

- Local roads unpaved - 113 km

4. The length of 1827 km of sidewalks

5. There are seven overpasses

6. There are 12 pedestrian subways

7. There are 164 in operation of traffic lights

8. In operation 8747 road signs

9. Operate 43 stations

10. There are a total of 21 the railroad crossing

11. In Bishkek Register of vehicles - 89,956

Among them:

- Car - 74528

- Buses - 8472

- Motorcycles - 2801

- Trailer - 4155




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