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Number of officials arrested for corruption in Turkmenistan



September 17, 2019, 11:52       Источник       Комментарии

AKIPRESS.COM - The Turkmenistan's Prosecutor General Batyr Atdayev briefed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov on the results of inspections carried out in various agencies on Sept 13, Chronicles of Turkmenistan reports.
The state information agency TDH reports that among corrupt officials were those who work in the mosque and coerced bribes from pilgrims, who performed Hajj to Saudi Arabia. More on the topic of bribery among pilgrims is available in the article by "Chronicles of Turkmenistan" "Hajj for a bribe".
Rovshen Allaberdiev, lead specialist of the Office of Mufti, Mukhammetmyrat Gurbangeldiev, lead specialist of HR department of the Office of Mufti and Gurbanberdi Nursakhedov, lead specialist of the religious organizations department under the Cabinet of Minister abused power.
The case of entrepreneur Chary Kulov, who performed the responsibilities of the head of for-profit organizations department, who set up a сriminal network, was presented. He conspired with B. Aydogdyev, head of the stock trading department of the State Commodity Exchange and Yazmyrat Mukhammetmyradov, CEO of Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries to carry out a large-scale embezzlement of state-owned property.
CEO of Tгrkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries Muhammetmyradov conspired with head of the textile industry department of the Cabinet of Ministers M. Begelov to get a bribe for helping overseas companied to buy aviation fuel.
Aydogdyev, head of the stock trading department of Turkmenistan State Commodity Exchange took bribes during trading operations for rendering assistance in purchasing oil and gas products.
Former Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations Amandurdy Ishanov abused power to help his relatives and friends get various high-ranking positions in the Ministry, rendered assistance in purchasing luxury apartments, designed for the Commodity Exchange Employees at the expense of long-term loans.
The Prosecutor General informed that all the aforementioned individuals was been convicted and their property was arrested. In connection with the illegal sale of oil products, manufactured by Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries and the State holding "Turkmenkhimia" at low prices, the accounts where overseas companies had transferred funds, were blocked.
The CEO of Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries Yazmyrat Mukhammetmyradov was dismissed by the President on 2 September "for serious job-related shortcomings". On 4 September Minister Amandurdy Ishanov was dismissed with the similar wording.

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