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Deputy PM Razakov, Eurasian Sugar Association reps discuss prospects of industry development


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Bishkek, Sept.28, 2019. /Kabar/. Kyrgyzstan’s Deputy Prime Minister Jenish Razakov and Executive Director of the Eurasian Sugar Association Andrey Bodin discussed the state and prospects of the sugar industry.
The press service of the Kyrgyz Government reported that Jenish Razakov noted as a result of the measures, taken by the state and sugar beet processing enterprises, the tendency of sugar production growth has been outlined in recent years.
"In 2017-2018, there was a significant decrease in the price of sugar in the domestic market, caused by the import of sugar in conditions of sugar overproduction in a number of countries, including the Russian Federation. Sugar imports have also led to an increase in the cost of sugar production by 8-11%, which is critical for enterprises in the context of low world and regional sugar prices, taking into account the free trade within the EAEU and CIS countries," Razakov said.
In the course of the meeting, the sides discussed topical issues of mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of production of sugar and sand and expansion of the markets for finished products.
Note that, over the past 2 years, the area of sugar beet sowing in the country has increased more than 3 times, while the gross yield has grown from an average of 185 thousand tons to 570 thousand tons.

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