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Batken district resident goes missing on market in border zone

October 29, 2019, 15:31       Источник       Комментарии

Police is searching for missing resident of Tashtumshuk village of Ak-Sai rural administration Asylbek Karimov for the fifth day. He did not return from a market located in Charco village (Tajikistan). Police department of Batken region confirmed the information to news agency.
According to them, Asylbek Karimov went to the market in Charco on October 24 and did not return.
According to relatives, he was detained by Tajik law enforcement authorities and taken to an unknown destination.
On October 26, residents of Batken district blocked the road in Ortobaz village demanding to return Asylbek Karimov from Tajikistan.
"We stood for half an hour, and opened the road after promises of local authorities. This is not the first time when Tajik law enforcement agencies illegally detain and take away our citizens," local residents told.
According to the Internal Affairs Department of the region, three cases of disappearance of citizens of Kyrgyzstan on the border territory have been recorded since the beginning of the year.

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