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Price of flour grows by 1.21 soms in Kyrgyzstan for month

October 29, 2019, 16:44       Источник       Комментарии

Price of high-grade wheat flour grew by 1.21 soms, or 3.2 percent, for a month in Kyrgyzstan. The National Statistical Committee presented such data.
The price of fist grade flour grew by 0.57 tyiyn, or 1.9 percent. The highest prices for high-grade flour were recorded in Nookat (50 soms), Osh (44.65) and Tokmak (44.03). Minimum retail prices were registered in Pokrovka (30.43 soms), Uzgen (33.68) and Chaek (34.2).
The maximum retail prices for first grade flour were also recorded in Nookat (44.41 soms), Kara-Suu (36.74) and Kerben (35.0), minimum - in Chaek (25 soms), Uzgen (26.83) and Pokrovka (28.1).

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