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Mongolian court comments on accusations of Chairman of Constitutional Court of grpoping Korean flight attendants


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AKIPRESS.COM - Spokesperson of the Constitutional Court of Mongolia released a statement that an attempt was made to accuse Chairman of the Constitutional Court Dorj Odbayar for a third person's misconduct, Montsame reported.
The statement says "Some media outlets reported that on October 31, Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Mongolia D.Odbayar and A, who was accompanying him were taken into police custody for ‘sexually assaulting' a flight attendant during a flight from Ulaanbaatar to Seoul. The statement continues with the spokesperson responsibly affirming that such reports about the Chairman of the Constitutional Court are groundless and false.
"Mongolian delegates headed by Chairman of the Constitutional Court D.Odbayar departed for Indonesia, where they will take part in a board meeting of the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions with layover in Seoul".
"An attempt was made to blame the Chairman of the Constitutional Court in the act of misconduct possibly committed by another citizen of Mongolia, who was sitting in the row behind him during the flight to South Korea. Chairman of the Constitutional Court D.Odbayar has turned to corresponding organizations concerning the wrongful accusation" the statement says.

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