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EBRD to provide 33.1 million Euros for remediation of uranium mining legacy sites in Tajikistan


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AKIPRESS.COM - The Lower Chamber of the Tajik Parliament ratified the framework agreement between Tajikistan and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development concerning the multilateral Environmental Remediation Account (ERA) for Central Asia, Avesta reports.
The technical and economic assessments and environmental impact by Dehmoi and Taboshar uranium tailings were prepared with EU's financial assistance, Minister of Industry of Tajikistan Zarobiddin Faizullozoda said.
EBRD will provide 33.1 million Euros grant for remediation of the uranium mining legacy sites in the north of Tajikistan.
Some 55 million tons of waste are stored at 10 sites in Tajikistan. Most of then, 36 million tons, are kept in the Dehmoi, the Minister said.
ERA covers 7 priority uranium mining legacy sites in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The estimated costs of remediation are 85 million Euros. The European Union contributed 16 million Euros.
Tajikistan cooperates with Russia on two sites. A 850 million ruble agreement was signed on one project, Minister Faizullozoda said.
Tajikistan does not mine uranium now, the line agencies are just monitoring the uranium mining legacy sites, the Minister said.

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