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Ex-banker Jomart Yertayev admits his guilt. He is accused of embezzlement at RBK Bank


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AKIPRESS.COM - Jomart Yertayev is accused of embezzlement at RBK Bank. The banker chose to cooperate with the investigation and admitted his guilt, informburo.kz reports. Yertayev admitted his guilt at the trial on embezzlement in RBK Bank in Almaty. He was accused of embezzlement and laundering of money obtained illegally.
"I admit my guilt in full," Yertayev said
37 are on trial, including businessman Bahyt Ibragim, who admitted his guilt, ex-Chairman of the Board of RBK Bank Igor Mazhinov, who admitted his guilt partially, ex-Chairperson of the RBK Bank Marpu Jakubaeva, who pleaded innocent.
Jomart Yertayev, Igor Mazhinov, Marpu Jakubaeva, Bahyt Ibragim and other defendants chose to cooperate with the investigation and admit their guilt.
The case includes 700 volumes of materials. The accusation act is 3,644 pages long. The investigators said the damage of 143.3 billion tenge was caused for the Bank.
Most defendants are accused of appropriations and issuances of knowingly non-repayable loans.

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