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Emergency workers disinfect over 700 km of roads in Kyrgyzstan during past 24hProtective gear handed over to Issyk-Kul district hospital workers

Turkey successfully tested animal vaccine against coronavirus


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AKIPRESS.COM - A vaccine against coronavirus were successfully tested on animals in Turkey, according to the RBK-Ukraine with reference to the statement of Professor of the medical faculty of Hacettepe University of Ates Kara on Twitter. According to the Professor, animal the vaccine was administered using microneedles on a sticking plaster. After the introduction of the vaccine given immune response in the form of antibody production.
"Now is the time to check whether it can protect people," said Kara.
Earlier, it was reported that scientists from Spain before the end of April can develop a prototype vaccine against a coronavirus. One of the vaccines from COVID-19 develop at the National center for biotechnology.
In addition, the Australian scientists have began trials of two potential vaccines against coronavirus. The vaccine developed by Oxford University and the us company Inovio Pharmaceutical, was approved for testing on animals.

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