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Khiva to host International Lazgi Dance Festival every 2 years


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AKIPRESS.COM - The International Lazgi Dance Festival and the international will be held from April 25-30 in Khiva every two years. The respective order was signed by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.
The administration of Khorezm region and the Ministry of Culture are responsible for organization of these events.
The Foreign Ministry will form the list of dance art masters, music experts and critics, artists, leading specialists and guests of foreign countries, who will be invited to attend the international and the conference on the place of Uzbek national dance in the world dance art.
The President earlier announced the decision to set up Lazgi Academy in Khorezm.
UNESCO included Khorezm dance Lazgi into the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in December 2019.
The movements of Khorezm dance Lazgi encapsulate human creativity by reflecting the sounds and phenomena of surrounding nature, feelings of love and happiness. Initially associated with Khorezm Region, Khorezm dance Lazgi has since become widespread in Uzbekistan. Paintings of the dance can be found in the archaeological site of Tuproqqala, in Khorezm Region, testifying to its centuries-old roots.
Informed by the social life and activities of the local communities, Lazgi dance represents real life in all its movements. During the dance, all the musicians, singers and dance performers act in a harmonized way, and the lyrics of the songs are mainly devoted to glorifying love and kindness. Two types of dance exist: the ‘scenery' dance and the interpretive improvised form. While the scenery dance represents these feelings through concrete movements, its interpretation focuses on improvisation as the rhythm and dance movements become more dynamic with changeable actions. The melody and dance of Lazgi are so attractive that spectators start dancing voluntarily. Khorezm dance Lazgi is a key form of self-expression and is transmitted across the generations through the creation of new versions of performances. It is performed during national holidays and folk festivities in scenery forms, as well as in the daily-based interpretation form during community and family events.

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