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Kyrgyzstan remains committed to all earlier undertaken international obligations - Foreign Ministry


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AKIPRESS.COM - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan issued a statement on the situation in the country.
"Kyrgyzstan held the parliamentary elections on October 4. Kyrgyzstan expresses deep gratitude to international partners for technical assistance in organization and conduct of elections, sending international observers, including those from the CIS, CSTO, SCO, OSCE/ODIHR, TurkPA, Cooperation Council of Turkic states, etc.
"Unfortunately the elections were marred with reports and complaints of political parties about violations of electoral process, vote buying. That led to popular protests that turned into disorders in Bishkek at night of October 5-6. Police forces used tear gas, stun grenades, rubber bullets to disperse protesters. Around 1,200 civilians and police officers were wounded, 120 received serious wounds, one died.
"The Central Election Commission invalidated the election results on October 6. Prime Minister Kubatbek Boronov and Speaker Dastan Jumabekov resigned the same day.
"Since that time all sound political forces, creative intellectuals, elders, youth of the country consolidated their efforts aimed at ensuring safety of citizens, stability, prevention of escalation and the soonest return of all political processes to the legal framework.
"The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan elected Kanat Isaev as Speaker on October 13. This allowed to form the legitimate government of the Kyrgyz Republic.
"The Parliament approved Sadyr Japarov as Prime Minister and the government members on October 14. The President signed the order appointing the Prime Minister and government members the same day.
"On October 15, President Jeenbekov announced his decision to resign. The resignation will be considered at the session of the Parliament on October 16.
"All government agencies work as normally. The Foreign Ministry and diplomatic missions function as before.
"The Kyrgyz Republic expresses gratitude to the international community, neighbor countries, strategic partners and international organizations for support in these difficult for the country and people days.
"The latest events prove one more time freedom-loving people of Kyrgyzstan are the main guarantee that the country will not change its democratic path of development and will continue developing in line with principles of rule of law, protection and encouragement of human rights.
"The Kyrgyz Republic remains committed to all international obligations and fulfillment of all earlier signed bilateral and multilateral agreements.
"Kyrgyzstan affirms commitment to development of friendly relations with foreign partners, protection of investors and ensuring safety for foreign nationals staying in Kyrgyzstan," the statement concluded.

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