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Japarov says he will raise Bakiyevs' extradition issue


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AKIPRESS.COM - Acting President and Prime Minister Sadyr Japarov said he would raise the issue of extradition of Bakiyevs to Kyrgyzstan, he told a press conference today.
"Not only Bakiyevs, but others are guilty of 2010 events as well. We have not reached that case yet. We will raise this issue definitely. This issue is raised for 10 years. We are working just for 10 days. My position is that I will continue this case," he said.
Ex-President Bakiyev was ousted in in April 2010. He escaped to Belarus where he was granted citizenship. Belarus authorities denied numerous extradition requests for Kurmanbek Bakiyev and his close relatives, saying the case is politically motivated.

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