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Mass events may be canceled in Tashkent since Apr 1


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AKIPRESS.COM - The suggestion was introduced on abolishment of all mass events in Tashkent since April 1, the Ministry of Health reported.
The control over compliance with COVID-19 precautionary requirements during mass events in Tashkent will be stepped up with the purpose to prevent spread of coronavirus infection.
The local coronavirus containment coordination office made the decision to tighten control over respect of all COVID-19 precautionary and health measures during weddings and ceremonies in Tashkent.
Sport events will be held without spectators.
In case of deterioration of COVID-19 situation, all mass events will be canceled since April 1.
Uzbekistan tightened quarantine measures recently after resurgence in COVID-19 cases. Several schools in Tashkent switched to online learning.

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