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Kyrgyz Health Ministry looking into spike in coronavirus cases among medics


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AKIPRESS.COM - 49 new coronavirus cases were confirmed among medical workers by the morning of June 16.
Resurgence in coronavirus cases among medical workers is observed since June 9 in Kyrgyzstan: 203 medical workers contracted coronavirus infection for the past 8 days.
The Ministry of Health is studying this situation, Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development Uluk-Bek Bekturganov told AKIpress.
"We held a meeting this morning and several tasks were given. We are studying why we have such spike in coronavirus cases among medical workers. We also monitor how many of these medics work in COVID-19 red zone. According to my information, there are no vaccinated medical workers among those who caught COVID-19," the Deputy Health Minister said.
According to the government, 24,070 medical workers received the first dose of coronavirus vaccine as of June 11.

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