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Mongolia reports 1,442 new coronavirus casesOver 336,700 receive first dose of coronaivrus vaccine in Kyrgyzstan

31 medical workers contract coronavirus infection in Kyrgyzstan


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AKIPRESS.COM - 31 new coronavirus cases were confirmed among medical workers for the past day, Deputy Minister of Health Jalalidin Rahmatullaev told a briefing on July 24.
These include 18 recoveries in Bishkek, 7 in Batken region, 2 in Issyk-Kul region, 2 in Osh region, 2 in Chui region.
17 medical workers were discharged from hospitals after recovery for the past day.
26 medical workers recovered at home.
The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases among medical workers reached 6,326.
5,576 medical workers recovered in total.

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