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Swiss Government provides primary healthcare organizations in Kyrgyzstan with telecommunication equipment


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AKIPRESS.COM - The Government of Switzerland through its health project "Medical Education Reforms in the Kyrgyz Republic" provided primary healthcare organizations with equipment for teleconferencing and distance learning, the Swiss Embassy in Bishkek said. As part of the project, computer equipment for teleconferences was installed in 5 oblast family medicine centres, 46 rayon family medicine and general medical practice centres, at the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute of Retraining and Professional Development of Bishkek and its 6 oblast branches, the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, the Electronic Health Care Centre and the Kyrgyz Medical Association.
In addition, the Swiss project purchased server equipment and a license for the platform for videoconferencing and webinars installed at the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic. It unites the Ministry of Health, e-Health Center, academic institutions and professional associations with all regional health facilities into one network.
Establishing links with regions was a timely decision and played a major role in training of medical professionals on COVID-19 issues. Regional healthcare organizations can join the webinar platform and listen to online lectures by specialists from Bishkek. Moreover, this network is used to hold urgent meetings by connecting the republican, oblast and district levels.
The Swiss project introduces distance learning for postgraduate and continuous medical education for doctors, nurses and residents. The project is also focusing on capacity development of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute of Retraining and Professional Development and Osh State University. The telecommunication network allowed them to adapt their training programmes for distance learning of students, residents and practicing medical professionals.
The Swiss project "Medical Education Reforms in the Kyrgyz Republic" aims at ensuring quality medical care to the Kyrgyz population provided by well-trained medical personnel.

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