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President Mirziyoyev: Events in Sokh should not affect friendship with Kyrgyzstan


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AKIPRESS.COM - President Shavkat Mirziyoyev met region and district governors, population as part of his working visit to Ferghana region, the president's press service said.
The President said he traveled to the region to openly talk to people, to resolve problems together.
"I visit districts, since I want to feel lives of people, to undertake concrete actions and see whether reforms work in remote areas and evaluate performance of local governors," the President said.
President Mirziyoyev also talked about the recent Kyrgyz-Uzbek border conflict in Sokh district on May 31.
"For the past several years we managed to resolve many problems on the borders with the neighboring states. The events in Sokh should not affect our friendship with people of Kyrgyzstan, our reciprocal travel and joint plans. We need to be calm, tolerant, compassionate. The neighborhood will last for thousands years. Our nations should live together and respect each other," the President underlined.
The governmental commission led by Prime Minister Abdullar Aripov studied the problems in Sokh district and formulated suggestions. Some 500 billion soums will be spent for comprehensive development of Sokh district in 2020-2022. 11,000 new work places will be created. 98 projects will be carried to boost industry, agriculture and services sector.
Individuals will be exempt from land and property taxes. The income tax rate for sole proprietors will be halved. Irrigation water supply will be improved on 1,000 ha of cultivated fields.
The district medical facilities will be provided with medical equipment, supplies, special vehicles. Schools and rural medical facilities, roads and social facilities will be repaired.

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