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Total of COVID-19 cases in Uzbekistan reaches 6,461Kyrgyzstan ratifies protocol allowing Russia to own runway in Kant airbase after reconstruction

First Deputy PM Batyrbekov visits observation point at former U.S. air base


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AKIPRESS.COM - First Deputy Prime Minister Almazbek Batyrbekov visited the Semetei observation point near Manas International Airport (former U.S. Transit Center), the government's press service said.
"In connection with growth of COVID-19 cases, we are increasing the number of beds in all hospitals of the country. Besides, there are ready facilities on the territory of the former Ganci air base where patients with COVID-19 may be accommodated. There are all conditions in place for their stay and treatment," the First Deputy Prime Minister said.
The quarantine zone includes 7 buildings for 120 people in total. The rooms are intended for 2 people each. There are 5 more buildings with the same capacity.
"We think now how these 5 buildings may be used. There are buildings with necessary conditions in each room, but they need to be repaired. Besides, the place for tent hospital is being loooked for now in case of massive contagion. I would like to emphasized there is no need in tent hospitals now. But we should be ready for development of any situation. Citizens should receive treatment in respective conditions," Batyrbekov said.

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