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November 30, -0001, 0:00
EU to help strengthen Turkmenistan's rule of law
November 30, -0001, 0:00
EU hands over GPS trackers valued at 25,000 Euros to Drug Control Service of Kyrgyzstan
November 30, -0001, 0:00
Probe into murder launched after 19yo dies during Bishkek unrests
November 30, -0001, 0:00
President Jeenbekov meets with Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces, Deputy Secretary of Security Council, Bishkek commandant
November 30, -0001, 0:00
Bishkek commandant suggests prolongation of state of emergency
November 30, -0001, 0:00
Japarov meets with Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Central Asia
November 30, -0001, 0:00
Kamchy Kolbayev taken into remand prison
November 30, -0001, 0:00
Former deputy head of State Security Service Nurlan Temirbaev previously sentenced to 25 years in prison for murder of 77 people during April 2010 unrest released on parole
November 30, -0001, 0:00
Inmate who filmed the feast at penal colony with crime boss Kamchy Kolbayev was punished
November 30, -0001, 0:00
United States welcomes proposal to delay a referendum on constitutional reform to spring or later

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