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June 6, 2020, 22:08
Kazakhstan reports another lethal case from COVID-19, 53 lethal cases in total
June 6, 2020, 19:05
Time metering finds Kazakhstan violates earlier reached agreements, Kyrgyz government says about Kyrgyz trucks stranded on Kyrgyz-Kazakh border
June 6, 2020, 18:29
Kyrgyzstan, China discuss reopening of Torugart border crossing point
June 6, 2020, 18:26
Uzbekistan confirms 42 COVID-19 cases more
June 6, 2020, 18:20
Kyrgyzstan offers another protocol for freight transportation across borders to China - Economy Ministry
June 6, 2020, 17:58
President Mirziyoyev: Events in Sokh should not affect friendship with Kyrgyzstan
June 6, 2020, 17:22
Kyrgyz Deputy Economy Minister: 'We don't understand accusations of Kazakhstan that intentionally blocks cargoes on borders, freight carriers intimidated'
June 6, 2020, 15:52
Kazakhstan reports 687 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases for 3 days
June 6, 2020, 15:47
First ever ultramarathon to be held around Son Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan
June 6, 2020, 15:38
IDA to provide $50 million to Kyrgyzstan for Learning for Future Project
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