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July 4, 2020, 18:34
Rospotrebnadzor says Kyrgyzstan needs to increase number of beds and oxygen support for COVID-19 patients
July 4, 2020, 18:24
237 Kyrgyz citizens airlifted from Turkey
July 4, 2020, 18:21
Former Deputy Minister of Health of Kyrgyzstan dies of pneumonia
July 4, 2020, 17:02
Kyrgyzstan's poverty rate decreased by 11.3% in 8 years
July 4, 2020, 15:57
Additional pneumonia designated wards opened at boarding schools, hotel in Bishkek
July 4, 2020, 14:17
Citizens of Kyrgyzstan and Turkey to receive pensions and benefits in both countries
July 4, 2020, 14:13
President of Kyrgyzstan sends 4th of July greetings to Trump
July 4, 2020, 13:59
4 in-patient facilities for treatment of light and moderate A.R.V.I. and pneumonia opened in Bishkek
July 4, 2020, 13:55
Kyrgyz farmers suffered damage of over 31 million soms from natural disasters
July 4, 2020, 13:46
Politician Kamchybek Tashiyev hospitalized with double pneumonia
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