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New OTRK head promises only objective and reliable information



March 7, 2019, 15:48       Источник       Комментарии

New General Director of OTRK Zhainak Usen uulu told news agency how he intended to head the country's main TV channel.
According to the head of the corporation, he himself adheres to the principles and standards of international journalism, and this is primarily objectivity in presentation of materials and absence of propaganda.
"I will officially take office on March 19. I have already said that the content must meet the needs of the audience, that is, to be balanced, without excesses and comprehensive, without dissemination of biased and unreliable information. I will try not to allow it," he said.
I very much hope that OTRK will never use any political forces to slander and pressure.
Zhainak Usen uulu
The new General Director of OTRK was elected for four years.

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