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Kazakhstan reports 25 new COVID-19 cases, 629 in total


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AKIPRESS.COM - Twenty five new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Kazakhstan by 5.00 pm, the Ministry of Health reported.
New cases included 6 in Jambyl region, 19 in Akmola region.
Kazakhstan has so far confirmed 629 coronavirus cases, including 219 in Nur Sultan, 116 in Almaty, 48 in Karaganda region, 42 in Akmola region, 29 in Atyrau region, 35 in Jambyl region, 14 in Shymkent, 6 in East Kazakhstan region, 10 in Almaty region, 11 in Aktobe regin, 25 in North Kazakhstan region, 1 in Pavlodar region, 5 in Mangistau region, 37 in Kyzyl-Orda region, 2 in West Kazakhstan region, 28 in Turkestan region, 1 in Kostanai region.

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