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Uzbekistan may hold 3rd phase of China's COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial


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AKIPRESS.COM - Representatives of the Ministry of Innovative Development and Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan, Chinese Academy of Sciences, International Alliance of Research Organizations, Anhui ZhifeiLongcom Biopharmaceutical held virtual talks. The talks focused on cooperation in introduction of COVID-19 vaccine developed by Anhui ZhifeiLongcom Biopharmaceutical Co. Ltd together with the Microbiology Institute of the Academy of Sciences.
The vaccine was approved for clinical trial by the National Medical Products Administration on June 20 and is the world's third coronavirus vaccine.
The first and second stages of trial vaccination of humans were successful. Completion of the second stage of trial is expected in October. The third stage of clinical trials of the new vaccine is planed for the fourth quarter of 2020.
The Chinese side the third phase of clinical trials is planned in several countries at the same time and suggested consideration of trial among volunteers in Uzbekistan. In case the trial are successful, the vaccine may be used in Uzbekistan and other Central Asian states.
Uzbekistan agreed to consider the possibility of trial of the vaccine at the Virology Research Institute under the Ministry of Health and the Advanced Technologies Center under the Ministry of Innovative Development.
The Chinese side expressed readiness to provide methodological and financial assistance for the third phase of the trial.

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