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Kyrgyzstan working on removal of its medical schools from Pakistan's blacklist


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AKIPRESS.COM - The Ministry of Education and Science and medical schools of Kyrgyzstan developed a roadmap to regulate the situation after all medical schools of the country were blacklisted by Pakistan.
The quality of provided education services by medical schools is evaluated now, availability of infrastructure, learning resources is checked now, correspondence of faculty to announced training programs and presence of indepedent accreditation are checked.
Besides, the Kyrgyz authorities plan to improve living conditions of students from Pakistan in Kyrgyzstan.
The Ministry of Education and Science plans to send an inquiry to Pakistan's Medical Commission and Special Aide of Pakistani Prime Minister for Health Care to provide a complete information on reasons why the medical schools of Kyrgyzstan are not recommended for study in Pakistan.
The Ministry will also ask to send a delegation to Kyrgyzstan in the nearest time to impartially study the situation in every particular university, since the Ministry says inclusion of all universities of Kyrgyzstan into the blacklist is unfair.
"Given that all medical universities of Kyrgyzstan were currently included into the preliminary blacklist, which is not final yet, we ask to consider possibility of removal of some medical universities of Kyrgyzstan, which were accredited by independent accreditation agencies included into the register of the World Federation of Medical Education until visit of the evaluation commission of experts from Pakistan," the Ministry of Education said.
It was announced earlier Pakistan Medical Commission included all universities of Kyrgyzstan into the blacklist.
It turned out that 90% of Pakistan nationals, who graduated from medical schools in Kyrgyzstan, failed their medical examinations of the Pakistan Medical Commission and for this reason their diplomas are not recognized.
The Ministry of Education explained the situation with a poor training of foreign and local nationals at domestic universities. Most universities do not have international accreditation.
The Ministry of Education said it will tighten control over universities, especially their medical departments, since this situation negatively impacts investment climate of the Kyrgyz Republic and prospects of education export. The Ministry of Education also ordered to tighten admission requirements for university applicants from Pakistan.

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