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Epidemiological situation in Nur-Sultan unstable


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AKIPRESS.COM - The epidemiological situation in Nur-Sultan is unstable, chief state sanitary doctor of the city Sarkhat Beissenova said, Kazakh media report. The city has entered the high COVID-19 risk red zone a month ago. Since the beginning of the year the number of coronavirus cases exceeded 15,000. Since the pandemic outbreak 34,007 cases were conformed at large. 12,050 of them were asymptomatic.
"In February the city reported a decrease in COVID-19 cases by 25% as compared to January. Since early March the number of coronavirus cases has steadily surged. In March and the first week of April the Kazakh capital reported 2,338 cases more than in January and February taken together. The daily increase in fresh infection cases exceeded 1%. This week morbidity rate is 23% higher as compared to the previous week," Kazinform reported the sanitary doctor as saying.

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