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November 30, -0001, 0:00
Parliament committee considers bill on issuance of birth certificates
November 30, -0001, 0:00
Mongolia-South Korea relations expected to move forward to strategic partnership
November 30, -0001, 0:00
Parliament Committee ratifies memo with India on high-altitude biology and medicine research
November 30, -0001, 0:00
Parliament committee postpones consideration of bill on labor migrants from neighboring states
November 30, -0001, 0:00
Parliament approves government’s candidate for Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan
November 30, -0001, 0:00
Candidate for Vice PM recommended to have Batken region as duty station
November 30, -0001, 0:00
Both Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan to lose in case of border issue protraction – candidate for Vice PM
November 30, -0001, 0:00
MP challenges ability of government’s nominee for Vice PM to cope with duties
November 30, -0001, 0:00
Government opposes bill on allocation of local budget funds to health care sector
November 30, -0001, 0:00
Lawmaker dissatisfied with work of Belovodsk civil registry office

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